Colorful food_pw.JPGWhy do we subsidize white foods, but not foods of color? Are we food racists? Once again the archives of the Food Chain have come up gold with Show #552: Foods of Color. Michael Olson never finishes his analogy, but I couldn’t help myself. White foods are those refined über-processed food-like substances composed mainly of corn.

Foods of color are the blessed variety of plants that God intended for us to eat. How many fruits or vegetables can you think of that are purple? Orange? Red? Yellow? Green? For some people thinking of foods this color that are not candy or cereal is really hard. So c’mon people… don’t discriminate! Down with food racism! Power to the Plants!

1 comment on “Food Racism

  1. While I am not one who believes in Jesus Foodies, in general I see the common sense in eating healthily. I used to live in Boston where healthy eating was more common than it is here, in Ohio. One thing you can’t miss, when you make such a radical cultural leap, is that the majority of poorer people are obese. They do not seem less active than me… in fact they are probably more so. But clearly this is because cheaper foods (subsidized) are hazardous to the beltline…. white bread, poptarts, cheez products… all are affordable at Walmart whereas real peanut butter, wheat bread, and cut fruit are not.


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